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Tubal Reversal

Are Tubal Reversals Safe?


The most obvious benefit of tubal ligation reversal is the opportunity to become pregnant and have a baby. Another benefit is the relief of post-tubal ligation symptoms. Some women have the ligation reversal in order to restore their sense of being “whole again”, and others for relief of guilt and/or to be consistent with religious beliefs. Many women have told me that they felt the sterilization operation took away what they felt is in God’s domain to decide about whether or not they would have any more children.

There are risks associated with any surgical procedure, but these are minimal. The primary risk of tubal ligation reversal is the long-term risk of tubal or ectopic pregnancy. It is estimated that the baseline 2-3% risk of ectopic pregnancy in the general population of women who have not had a tubal sterilization is increased to 10-15% after reversal of tubal ligation.